Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Pour le Soir for Evening

Notes: Siam Benzoin, Bulgarian Rose, Iranian Rose Honey, Incense Absolute

A beginning of sweet vanilla from Siam Benzoin. Add Bulgarian Rose to add a very nice rose floral and sweeten just a bit further by the addition of Iranian Rose Honey for an edible rose. Five minutes along the development of this parfum, Incense absolute adds a mild smoky flavor. 

Nearly a cordial note of alcohol, but another sniff of the wrist and I note a definite whiff of the incense, yet still sweet, edible rose with the vanilla and rose honey. Delicious!

May be purchased at Lucky Scent, The official site for Maison Francis Kurkdjian and many more.

Attar Tribute


Notes: Frankincense (Omani Silver), Saffron, Jasmine, Taifi Rose, Leather, Tobacco, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetyver

Launched: 2009

 "I am Queen Nefertari of Egypt and have just received the most precious of gifts from the Omani Empire. It is a small white box, the home of a beautiful crystal bottle. Contained within this bottle is the most precious parfum in the world and entirely royal. It graces my course over marble floors amid the marble columns of my palace. I am completely a Queen."

Dreaming aside, Attar Tribute is heavenly and positively regal! If you are someone who has been reading this blog, then it is no secret that I love a well done rose. The damask rose being my favorite, now has competition. The Taifi Rose! The Taifi Rose is from Taif, one of the oldest cities in the world. Taif is located in the western part of Saudi Arabia and situated on the eastern area of Al-Sarawat Mountains. It is known as the summer capital of Saudi Arabia, as people escape the summer heat and flock to this cool, lush city which offers beautiful scenery in a relaxed atmosphere.

My beloved Omani silver Frankincense is the one note I look forward to and expect in all of my Amouage Parfums and is very precious to me. Each and every note of this beautiful ruby of a parfum warms harmoniously on my skin. Spicy Saffron, the warmth of Leather, tabacco, fresh woody cedarwood, earthy patchouli and fresh vetyver. I am in complete awe. I don't know what I would say to the House of Amouage except: Thank You from the depths of my heart for this creation.

I am very grateful to Nasreen for these precious golden drops.



Type: Floral, Chypre, Leather

Top Notes: Lavender, Jasmine, Rose, Clary Sage, Camomile, Clovebud, Cardamom
Heart Notes: Immortelle, Violet, Ylang-Ylang, Patchouli, Benzoin, Olibanum
Base Notes:  Musk, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla, Castoreum, Maltol, Civet, Leather, Ambergris

Slightly spicy notes dance around these florals like little bits of fairey dust on pedals adding a hint of warmth here and there. Moving along a slight earthy, woody note with drops of vanilla emerge with light hints of new leather, before the emergence of smoky ambergris. Somewhere between dawn and dusk, light feathers of white musk mingle with the composition.

This is a chypre, clean, floral with a metallic pop. Dry greens of powdery jasmine, sweetened by purple roses and soapy ylang-ylang. Sophisticated and easy to wear. This classy lady is not apologetic but very confident in all she is and does. Beloved is yet another beautiful parfum in the collection offered by the House of Amouage. Quality Parfum fit for Royalty. 

May be purchased at Parfumerie Nasreen.

100 ml./3.3oz $430.00

Monday, December 2, 2013


Mona d' Orio

Type: Amber, Floral, Spicy

Notes: Calabria Bergamot, White Peach, Heliotrope, Bulgarian and Turkish Rose, Geranium from Egypt, Clove, Patchouli, Atlas and Virginia Cedar, Vanilla, Benzoin, Amber, Baume de Perou.

" Launched as a salute to Mona d' Orio's life and work as a perfumer, Rose Etoile de Holland is the culmination of Mona's study of a special rose that climbed the walls of Maison Sainte Blanche in Cabris, France. Rose Etoile de Holland is no ordinary rose: powdery, spicy with a round, lush white peach note lifted by aldehydes and sprinkled with clove. 
   Heart notes of warm cedar, earthy patchouliwh and a sly leather note adds to the scintillating heart while a hint of powdery heliotrope conspire to create an innocent, yet joyously carnal scent.
   This parfum manages to evoke a rose at once regal, joyous and sensual, its progression from top notes to base notes gathering depth and beauty as it progresses." 

I can think of nothing to add to this description already provided by the parfum house. This eau de parfum
is nice for special occasions.

May be found at Parfumerie Nasreen.

3.3 oz./ 100 ml.


Mona D' Orio

Type: Floral

Notes: Pink Peppercorn, Bergamot, Tuberose Absolute from India (Twilight Tuberose), Benzoin, Casmeran, Heliotrope

Twilight Tuberose from India is fresher, greener and less heady than the tuberose usually used in parfums. 

Les Nombres D' Or Tubereuse, mists on the skin, green, fresh and a little peppery. I always love the slight peppery nasal punch from Pink Peppercorns. The green and fresh are coming from the Bergamot, and Twilight Tuberose. As this very feminine eau de parfum drifts along to the next phase, it becomes a little creamy from the Benzoin and Casmeran notes. As it moves on to the full fragrance, there is the addition of Heliotrope and there is now a milky, nutty note. All of these are swirling around an ever constant now perfected tuberose of absolute perfection. Finally a tame Tuberose, still strong but, less heady and "friendlier". If you love Tuberose, you will absolutely adore Les Nombres d' Or Tubereuse!

May be purchased through Parfumerie Nasreen.

3.3 oz./100 ml.


Mona d' Orio

Type: fresh, green, woody, spicy

Top Notes: Madagascar Blue Ginger, Argentinian Grapefruit, Virginia Cedar, Clary Sage Absolute

Heart Notes: Vetyver, Bourbon Vetyver

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Labdanum, Ginger, Nutmeg

"Fresh dry, peppery hesperidic and even minty vetyver marries the best Bourbon Vetyver with notes that bring out is herbaceous fresh qualities" 

This eau de parfum is perfect for warmer weather. It starts out with fresh root scent from the Blue Ginger, citrusy notes from the Grapefruit from Argentina soon joined by the Virginian Cedarwood and minty glint from the Clary Sage Absolute. Fresh and refreshing and a bit juicy but not edible juicy. Enter the heart and it finds the earthy, slightly balmy, green, herbal freshness that was promised in the Parfum House description above as the addition of Vetyver and Bourbon Vetyver warm up to the composition. As the eau de parfum moves into its base there is a spicy side but, not too spicy. Here is where Tonka Bean, Labdanum, Ginger and Nutmeg ground this fragrance so that it cannot flit away quickly. Very, very nice. Mona d' Orio as usual was every bit the artist in this lovely Eau de Parfum.

This one is another very easy to wear fragrance for women or men. Great warm weather or any weather eau de parfum with uplifting qualities. 

May find this at Parfumerie Nasreen.

3.3 oz./100 ml.


Mona D' Orio

Type: Vanilla, Amber, Powdery, Balsam

Top Notes: Ambergris, Atlas Cedar

Heart Notes: Madagascar Vanilla Absolute, Ylang-ylang

Base Notes: Tolu, Benzoin

What a delightful surprise! The notes above speak harmoniously together in Les Nombres d' Or Ambre!
The sweet woody balsam notes of the smoky ambergris and the Atlas Cedar, combined with resinouly sweet Madagascar Vanilla Absolute is just wondrous. But, look out! I never expected this. In the heart rests the surprise of soapy, powdery Ylang-ylang. As the base warms up on the skin, Tolu with its strong notes of vanilla and cinnamon and Benzoin complete this composition.

Les Nombres d' Or Ambre is a very easy going Eau de Parfum. Wear it everywhere, anytime, all the time. It is easily a Signature Parfum.

3.3 oz./ 100 ml.

May be purchased at or through Parfumerie Nasreen.